STI Screening

Sexual Health

At Fitzwilliam Medical Centre, we offer a discreet, friendly and totally confidential sexual health service. You will be given a consultation with a fully experienced and sympathetic doctor, who will be happy to answer any questions/queries you may have.

We offer urgent same day appointments.

STI Tests

Most sexually transmitted illnesses (STI) have no symptoms. They affect both hetrosexual and homosexual people. Some sexually transmitted diseases can only be diagnosed clinically but there are many for which there are specific STI tests.

Here at Fitzwilliam Medical Centre, we can help with screening, diagnosis and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases.  If necessary, we will organise specialists referrals for you.

STI tests using blood samples are used for HIV, Syphillis, Hepatitis B & C Swabs or urine samples can be used in STI tests for Chlamydia or Gonnorrhoea.

Both male and female doctors are available.

Please call us on 01 678 5100 where we would be happy to help.